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Ferrero, USA

Ferrero, USA


Ferrero has a rich and successful 70+ year history as a leading confectionery company. It all started in the 1940’s when Piera and Pietro Ferrero transformed a successful pastry shop into a factory. The two invented products that would go on to become some of Ferrero’s successful portfolio of today. Michele Ferrero, son of Piera and Pietro, in partnership with his wife Maria Franca, was the first Italian manufacturer after WWII to open Ferrero confectionery production sites and offices abroad, turning the company into an international group. The family and their generations to come had a commitment to quality products and a philosophy of “work”, “create”, “give” Ferrero’s US history began in 1969 when it first opened for business in New York City. Ferrero chose to lead the US business at that time with the Tic Tac brand which became hugely successful in the US and a staple mint brand. The success of the Tic Tac brand prompted Ferrero USA to launch Rocher in the US. Rocher quickly became a mainstay of increasingly sophisticated American tastes. These successful launches made Ferrero and its brands a part of everyday American life. The company also has the highly successful Nutella brand in the US and recently launched its wildly successful Kinder brand. The company mission is to produce high quality, precision crafted, fresh products for millions of consumers around the world. This is accomplished while maintaining Ferrero’s key values which include caring about food safety, the environment, social issues, and commitment to its human resources. Ferrero’s commitment and focus has made it the third largest confectionery company in the world. Over the years, Ferrero has built a mutual trust relationship with consumers. It is this relationship that has been the core of Ferrero’s success.

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